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Rotating the Meaning of Death

Posted on: August 24, 2012

As I shuffle the navy, starry-backed tarot cards this morning, I ask, “Help me focus my energy.  How should I look at today?”  I get the “DEATH” card.


Oh, excellent.  It resonates for some reason.  Even though the image of a sickle-carrying, armor-wearing skeleton riding over a fallen king gives me the willies.

After examining the card more closely, I see that beyond the terrible event, the sun is rising on the horizon.

An end to a chapter.

I mediate and ask for guidance.  This is what bubbles up:

Death to whining.

… to anger.

… to holding standards, judgment.

… to unfinished projects.

… to beliefs that hold me back.

… to relationships that don’t work.

… to wasting time.

… to un-forgiveness.

I had woken up foggy after anxiety-ridden dreams about my parents.  The Death card, the out-with-the-old-and-broken energy, cleanses and liberates.  Very Plutonian and Scorpion, for those who are astrologically inclined.

It might be interesting to create your own Death List.  See what comes to you.


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I share your sentiments my dear!

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