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Tinkerbell, Thor, and a Wounded Tooth

Posted on: December 14, 2011

They are all related: the fairy, the Danish God of Thunder, and a root-canaled molar.  Yes.  In the world of hypnosis, anything goes.

It starts with the tooth, #30.  The one that receives the jaw’s powerful chumping, where I grind at night.  #30 got a root canal two years ago.  It hurts again this November.  My dentist tells me that it needs to go, to be replaced by a titanium screw.

The idea of metal in my gum makes me twitch in several places.  I write to Barbara, my skillful hypnotherapist back East. (She helped me healed the chemical sensitivity.)  She replies that there are other options to deal with #30.

That’s what I want to hear.  I want to keep the tooth despite its troubles.  It’s a part of my body.

I have a session with Barbara.

Why does the tooth hurt?

Because I grind on it.  And I wear a mouth guard -it looks like an old chew toy.

Why do you grind?

Stress.  Conflicts.  My writing is stuck.  I want to read up on astrology instead.   I feel guilty about that.  I’m supposed to work…not to have fun.  I can’t do the fun stuff until work is done. Work is never done.  It’s a double-edged trap.

Why can’t you work and have fun at the same time? 

Fun feels like goofing off…

Ah.  Fun and work don’t mix?

Fun is like Tinkerbell, chatty and flighty, full of magic and light…glow in the dark.  Work is like Thor, a big white horse to me, working hard and galloping toward a goal.  (These are apparently my guides; they emerge when I’m in trance and in touch with the subconscious).

What happens when you put Tinkerbell and Thor together?

Thor is swatting Tinkerbell away like a fly.

This conflict causes stress.  How can you get your Tinkerbell and Thor to play together?  I sense that you have both energies in you.  

Yeah, I do.  I am a funny fun person who is serious about work.  You think once I integrate the two, I won’t be grinding my teeth?

I think the grinding will go away when the stress is gone.  We get to the cause of this stress so you can heal the tooth and not injure it again.  And, you know I work with people in severe life situations…I DANCE in my mind when I work.

The day after, the tooth feels much better.  Not completely, as I need to have Tinkerbell and Thor enjoy each other.

Full disclosure -I am taking garlic concentrate and oregano oil to support the immune system in fighting the infection.  During hypnosis, I also learn a way to undo 4 decades of teeth grinding.

My dental assistant friend wants to know how this turn out.  She tells me that ancient Egyptians died of abscessed teeth.

I can say that it’s going the right direction.  I sense that if #30 is pulled and replaced with robo-tooth/implant while I keep grinding from stress, other teeth will suffer a similar fate.

I canceled #30’s extraction appointment.  I’ll have a follow-up with Barbara to explore what a clenching jaw means.  Stay tuned.

Do you have a Tinkerbell and a Thor?  Do they mesh happily?


2 Responses to "Tinkerbell, Thor, and a Wounded Tooth"

I hope Tinkerbell sprinkles Thor with pixie dust so he can fly, fly, FLY into the stars and discover the delight of unencumbered galaxy galloping!

Oh, and I hope #30 feels better soon!

Cathy- Thanks for your comments!! It’s been a few months. The tooth got a green light from the dentist (no infection); then acted up again -I connected to the angst about hosting the demon from my childhood, by MY choice. It’s been an incredibly consuming journey, and I am grateful for it. And I darn will fly with the fairy dust…

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